Business Consultancy

Business consulting services that help organizations make vital decisions supported by analysis, thoughtful consideration, and a technology-driven strategy. We assist firms from the time of incorporation until dissolution and beyond. 

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Business Registration

Incorporate any business entity in the Maldives. Get our starter kit with basic visuals and resources you need to launch your business.

Investment Proposals

Investment proposals for you that are professionally written and designed that will impress your bank or investor.

Company Share Structure Changes

Let us handle the paperwork needed to change the share structure of your firm.

Market Research

Make informed decisions based on accurate market data, industry-leading analytics, and professional opinion.

Human Resource Management

Outsource the hassle of hiring, managing, evaluating, and payroll to us, or discover our integrated HR solutions.

De Registration

Make sure due diligence is conducted correctly when dissolving a company or partnership.

Business Planning

Detailing how your company will launch, run, and even possible existing techniques to reduce the risk of business failure.

Secretarial Service

By outsourcing, you can make sure that your company’s legal needs are met promptly. 

Foreign Employment

Hire the best talent available anywhere in the world, and we’ll assist you every step of the way.

Core Values

What we represent, what we stand by and what we follow.

Compliance Assured

You can have the peace of mind with 100% legal and tax compliance in all dealings through us.

Value Oriented

Our services and prices are designed to provide customers the best value for the services they opt-for.

Full Spectrum

Providing a-z services under one roof making it easy and cost efficient for clients to take on projects.

Industry Standards

Displaying utmost professionalism and following internationally accepted industry standards.

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