IT Solutions

IT Solutions

Dedicated and custom solutions for your business ranging from office connectivity, cloud office management, Wi-Fi solutions, Remote Access, Server Solutions and more.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Dedicated AP solutions to P2P Wi-Fi based network solutions and more.

Remote Access Solutions

Have multiple business or office locations? Set-up a remote access solution to stay connected at all times.

CCTV Solutions

Install security cameras and manage your property and office with us. Both wired and wireless options are available.

Cloud Office Management

Cloud Storage, Servers and office management tools are not accessible through PICAD.

Office Internal Server & Network

Setup a dedicated office server & network for you to stay connected and ready-to-work at all times.

Computer Hardware

Most recent and recommended hardware solutions for the work you require. 

Bulk SMS

Send bulk SMS to your customers by any name.

P.O.S System

Dedicated POS system with printer, cash drawer and screen inbuilt. 

Core Values

What we represent, what we stand by and what we follow.

Compliance Assured

You can have the peace of mind with 100% legal and tax compliance in all dealings through us.

Value Oriented

Our services and prices are designed to provide customers the best value for the services they opt-for.

Full Spectrum

Providing a-z services under one roof making it easy and cost efficient for clients to take on projects.

Industry Standards

Displaying utmost professionalism and following internationally accepted industry standards.

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