Business Registration

Fast & reliable business registration service in the Maldives covering from registration paperwork, bank account opening, secretarial services and everything in-between under one roof.

Talk with our expert business consultants to discuss your forward the smart way.

Business Incorporation Service

We provide a compelling total solution business registration service to local & international clients. Our assistance overs from taking over the whole process and helping clients navigate through the legal requirements of successfully registering and obtaining required licenses to do business in the Maldives all the while making sure Tax obligations are met. 

Our clients enjoy multiple services under one roof enabling them to get on with business operations right from start without any delay. 

What we do

For Companies

For Partnerships

For Sole Traders

Included in all

  • Logo Design & Registration
  • Stamp Design & Registration
  • Stamp Making (Brother Pre-Ink 30×30)
  • Letterhead Designing
  • Invoice & Quotation Format (Drafts)
  • Business Card Design Template (.ai)
  • Signature Collection on Paperwork
  • Paperwork Processing (submission)
  • GST/ TGST Registration with MIRA
  • Business Email Creation (Gmail)
  • Business Portal Registration
  • Facebook Page Basic Graphics

Optional (Add-ons)

  • Virtual Office Address
  • Secretarial Services
  • Domain Registration
  • Business Email Setup (
  • Corporate Website with Portfolio
  • Google Maps Location Update


What are the fees & payments required to be paid to the ministry of economic development?

The Ministry Of Economic Development Charges 3 types of fees from company registrations. 

1. flat fee of MVR 2,000.00 as company annual fee

2. revenue stamp worth MVR 500.00

3. registration fee based on the amount of company’s authorized capital (Official Company Registration Fee Calculator)

How long will it take to complete the process?

Registration paperwork processing would take approximately 2 days, the rest approximately takes about 3 more days making the process complete in 5 working days time.

Do the owner/ owners have to be present to register the company?

No. Owners are not required to be present for the registration process. However, signature of owners are required on official paperwork and in some cases finger print as well. 

Why Picad?

We are the leading business consultants in the Maldives helping a number of businesses in multiple areas for over 5 years. 

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