Foreign Investment Registration

Reliable Foreign Investment Registration Service in the Maldives with Consultancy on Foreign Investment Approval and Secretarial Service with Business Incorporation & Licensing. 

Foreign Investments

The government of the Maldives has allowed foreign individuals and organizations to invest in the Maldives in almost all industries with special treatment in the evaluation process for certain industries. 

Our team at Picad helps foreign investors securely invest in the Maldives by lending our expertise and consultancy to successfully establish foreign businesses and navigate through the regulatory requirements of the Maldives including taxation.

We will represent you in the Maldives and assist you with foreign investment approval, business registration, licensing and in operations with our accountancy and secretarial services. 

What we do

  • Processing Foreign Investment Approval Paperwork
  • Incorporation of Foreign Companies or Partnerships
  • Re-registration of Foreign Companies or Partnerships
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Facilitating Public-Private Partnerships
  • Company Secretarial Services (administrative assistance)
  • Local Directorship Service
  • Opening Local Bank Accounts & Facilitating Transfer of Funds
  • Tax Filing & Compliance Assurance
  • Act as Local Representative Office
  • Human Resource Management
  • Contracting 3rd Parties & Facilitating Project Planning
  • Marketing
  • Accountancy Services

Common Forms of Foreign Investments

  • 100% Foreign Owned Investment 
  • Joint Venture with Local Party(s)
  • Franchise 
  • Investing in an Existing Local Company or Partnership


Who Can Invest in the Maldives?

Any foreign individual or business can directly invest in the Maldives with an investment upwards of USD 250,000.00 based on the industry. Minimum investment amount for many industries are capped at USD 5 million making it restively easy to invest in the Maldives from February of 2020. 

How Much % of Shares Can Foreign Investors Hold?

Depending on the industry foreign investors can own as much as 100% of the shares of the company/ partnership. However, ownership can be as low as 40% in some industries such as Manufacturing. Have a look at our guide attached below with ownership and other information for foreign investors.

Is it Mandatory To Register a Business in the Maldives?

Yes. All Foreign Investors are required to register their business in the Maldives. As per the law no. 18/2014 (Business Registration Act), Foreign Investors may register
their business either as a Company or a Partnership. Applicants choosing to re-register their company under the Law no. 10/96 (Maldives Companies Act), shall ensure that the approved class details from the Annex 1 permits 100% shareholding by foreigners.

Is there Any Administrative Fees Charged by the Govement For Foreign Investment Approval Evaluations?

All applicants except for those who engage in the Tourism Sector are required to pay an Administrative Fee of USD 2,000 (United States Dollars Two Thousand) to Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) prior to signing the Foreign Investment Agreement. The receipt shall be submitted to the Ministry, along with the signed Foreign Investment Agreement.

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