Process Re-engineering

Picad helps businesses re-engineer process to accommodate today’s ever chancing technologies & techniques to improve business operations & efficiency.

As businesses grow and face new age-competitors many businesses require adapting its processes and policies to remain flexible enough to implement technologies & features that will keep the business competitive.

We help businesses achieve this by auditing their current policies and procedures to find gaps and areas that can be improved to enable a highly efficient operations immediately improving the top-line performance and eventual bottom line growth. 

Businesses that experience a quick growth often requires this service as they require a much vigilant operational procedures to remain within the guidelines of regulatory bodies that of tax, audit and overall accountability when they are classified as a large enterprise. 

SMEs also prefer a complete process makeover to increase efficiency by implementing newer and improved technologies that enable them to provide a better experience to their customers and employees creating value both internally & externally. 

What We Do

  • Operational Process Audit
  • Sales Audit
  • Reporting Audit
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Implementations 
  • Staff & Management Training

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