Supply Chain Acquisition

Picad helps Maldives based businesses in acquiring  efficient supply chains by coordinating with foreign suppliers on businesses’ behalf. 

To have an efficient and reliable supply chain is the most important aspect of any business. It is connected to all other crucial areas such as customer experience, product quality, brand reputation, ease of operations and more. 

We assist Maldives based businesses find suppliers within Maldives and around the world for all business sectors and negotiate on behalf of our clients to get best pricing and fastest transportation routes. 

Picad also helps with handling client’s goods from ports in the Maldives to their work-site with superior clearance, forwarding and delivery partners who offers exclusive prices to us, creating value to our clients. 

Our Services

  • Finding and negotiating with foreign suppliers
  • Establishing faster transportation routes
  • Negotiating discounts from suppliers
  • Transacting with a worldwide supply chain
  • Shipping 
  • Forwarding
  • Clearance & Delivery

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