Drafting of Commercial Agreements

Fast & affordable agreement drafting service in the Maldives. We draft, register, and attest legal documents for all purposes through professional lawyers.

Our team of professional lawyers will help you come up with legally sound strong agreements that will benefit you when you need it the most. Most importantly, our careful consideration and referencing of essential and protective laws will avoid you conflict/ dispute, making it easy for your go on with your business while we take care of your legal needs.

We are bringing the assurance of affordable and reliable agreement drafting, registration & attestation service in the Maldives.


  • Partnership agreements

Globally accepted partnership agreement drafts customized for your need. With guaranteed acceptance by Ministry of Economic Development & others.

  • Independent contractor agreements

Get a strong short agreements for any purpose from freelance activities, small jobs and other activities that requires a payment or service to be provided on a later date. 

  • Employment contacts

Get legally strong employment contracts in Dhivehi, English or in both for foreign/ local employment purposes. 

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Uniquely tailored to your specific needs describing the complete & understanding between participants in a legally sound manner. 

  • Property and/or equipment lease contracts

This agreement will ensure monthly payment deposits and other terms and conditions for the disease of a building a piece of land or an equipment. 

  • Asset sale/ purchase agreements.

Complete drafts of contracts for purchase or sale of property, equipment or land. 

Looking for something else?

We have pre-made drafts and the required resources to draft any agreement for you. Let us know your requirement below.