Viber Push Message Marketing

Connect and interact with your customers in one of their favorite chat apps. Take advantage of low-cost and efficient Viber Business messages.

With Viber for Business, you get more for less. It allows you to send promotions and notifications to your customers who are using the Viber app. This important channel of communication will improve your marketing strategy. It is cheaper than traditional SMS and allows you to do more with the message itself. So tap into a huge worldwide base counting over 1 billion users.


Viber’s marketing campaigns and transactional messages have almost 100% open-rate.

Create interest in your sales and promotions. Viber message can be over 6 times longer than an SMS. You can also add pictures and buttons to your message.

Send your customer a message with a call-to-action button that will lead to your website. Viber campaigns have up to a 50% click-through rate, so they are truly cost-effective.

Increase your brand awareness. Send promotional campaigns and notifications to your customers under your company name. Inform them about upcoming sales, send birthday wishes, reminders, and others.


Pricing for viber bulk messaging is based on campaign size. Send in the following information & we’ll get back to you in no time to discuss your order.