Integrated Booking Management Solution (IBMS)

Custom Built Solution for Maldives Market That Syncs with Major Booking Engines & Your Website.

IBMS is part of larger complete property management solution that takes care of booking management, tax accounting, book-keeping, digital marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Employee Relations, Supply Chain Management & more. 

IBMS connects all your booking fronts to one platform where you can easily track, manage and update bookings as & when needed and automatically updated to booking calendars on every platform. Our solution is SME friendly while being easy to scale for large scale operations. Bundled with exciting other features, Picad brings you state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices.

Product Features

Sync's Bookings From Multiple Channels​

IBMS pulls data from all booking engines, including, Expedia, AirB&B & more and synchronizes between all platforms.

Includes a Cloud Based CRM Solution​

IBMS comes with a dedicated cloud based CRM solution that uses AI to keep a track of your customers & more.​

Cloud PBX​

You can make & receive calls/ texts over VOIP protocol to anywhere in the world at standard rates within the platform or on your mobile device.​

Free Website Included in the Package​

IBMS comes with a dedicated cloud based CRM solution that uses AI to keep a track of your customers & more.​

No Hardware Costs​

If you have a desktop computer that is connected to internet, no other hardware is required for deployment & running of IBMS.​

Introductory Training & local Support Services​

We will provide a week of training on how to use the platform & support you when ever required until end of subscription.​

Why Picad?

Picad represents collaboration. The end result of any healthy collaboration is nothing but beautiful.



Our team collectively has 40+ years of combined experience in various fields related business giving us an edge in writing winning proposals for our clients.



Picad team consists of talents from Business Management, Legal Compliance, Accounting, Marketing, Web Design & Graphics Design.

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Our products & services are customized for every client to provide the best value without comprising on quality.

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We offer a variety of services from Marketing, Accounting, Web Design, Legal & Business Consultancy services under one roof.


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We provide a complete booking website with BML Payment Gateway and other features to get you up and running in no time.

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