Capital & Debt Financing Solutions​​

We Help SME and Larger Businesses Secure Loans and Other Credit Facilities for Start-Up, Expansion, Asset Purchase/ Working Capital Financing from Various Banks & Investors In The Maldives.

Picad takes pride in helping entrepreneurs secure funds for their compelling business ideas with proposals, business plans, forecasts & studies we do for them. Our proposals have gone to all the banks in the country and have secured millions in successful facilities. 

We also help businesses find both local & foreign investors within and outside our network. Working with multiple international organizations to help you take your business to the next level. 


Writing Business Plans for SME Loans

Writing business plans in formats preferred by all banks in the country for your new or existing businesses.

Market Studies

Detailed market-studies backed by actual data and analytics, we provide market studies that will help you make informed decisions.

Finding Private Lenders

We help businesses find both local & foreign lenders within and outside our network. Working with multiple international organizations to help you take your business to the next level. 

Loan Application Process

Weather you are small time retailer or a large organization, we will take care of the total loan financing process from writing businesses cases to submission to your choice of banks. 

Financial Forecasts & Reporting

Preparing financial forecasts & reports for your businesses in the formats accepted by lenders & MIRA.

Asset Valuation

Independent valuation of your property or asset and preparing documents according to international standards.

Foreign Investors

Helping you meet the perfect foreign investor for your project. We work with multiple parties who help find interested parties for you.

Local Investors​

Helping interested investors connect with matching business within our network.

All In One Solution​

We take care of everything needed to submit complete investment proposals from valuations, financial forecasts, busiess plans & more.

In house Legal Assistance​

Providing legal assistance in approaching & registering foreign investments, drafting & registering agreements & more required for the process.

Why Picad?

Picad represents collaboration. The end result of any healthy collaboration is nothing but beautiful.



Our team collectively has 40+ years of combined experience in various fields related business giving us an edge in writing winning proposals for our clients.



Picad team consists of talents from Business Management, Legal Compliance, Accounting, Marketing, Web Design & Graphics Design.

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Our products & services are customized for every client to provide the best value without comprising on quality.

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We offer a variety of services from Marketing, Accounting, Web Design, Legal & Business Consultancy services under one roof.


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Complete Loan Application with Business Plan & Forecasts for SME Loans

Discover our complete loan application service with detailed business plan, financial forecasts, sourcing quotations, BOQ, and more. We have helped over 50 clients and have raised over 10 million in approved loan amounts in 2019 alone.







BOQ and architectural drawing prices are based on project requirement. Contact us for pricing.

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