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Specially designed & selected modern solutions & services for retail & wholesale businesses. Browse from online shopping websites, POS, Inventory management solutions & more.

We support wholesale & retail businesses by providing support in managing accounts, product marketing, branding, digitization and more. We bring 21st century technology and proven techniques and undertake a major part of daily operations of many businesses, enabling entrepreneurs to do what they do the best without distraction. 

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Developing online shopping websites with delivery tracking and online payments .With optimization, speed, security & reliability in mind we develop e-commerce sites for you.

Worry-free accounting solutions specially designed to complement the work-flow of Guesthouses, Travel agencies & other properties.

We find compelling investors and credit facilities from various lenders to help you invest in tourism or develop your existing property or business.

Dedicated marketing solutions to promote your products, business & brand to the world. Discover our unique offerings in marketing here.

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Why Picad?

Picad represents collaboration. The end result of any healthy collaboration is nothing but beautiful.



Our team collectively has 40+ years of combined experience in various fields related business giving us an edge in writing winning proposals for our clients.



Picad team consists of talents from Business Management, Legal Compliance, Accounting, Marketing, Web Design & Graphics Design.

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Our products & services are customized for every client to provide the best value without comprising on quality.

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We offer a variety of services from Marketing, Accounting, Web Design, Legal & Business Consultancy services under one roof.


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Managed Inventory Management System from MVR1,000.

Simple as a spreadsheet, powerful as an enterprise software. More than 1000 features, crafted by Manufacturers over the course of 25 years, wrapped into a simple solution with only one goal in mind:

To help You easily implement and automate your MRP System, Sales, Inventory and Purchasing!

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